Work With the Best


From the onset, we presented Nova to our customers as a lean ‘doing more with less’ company.  Now, as we expand into the Americas and Asia, we are using readily available communication technologies so, regardless of their geographic location or size, we offer all of our customers direct access to our formulators for advice and product questions.  We feel that the expert advice provided directly from the formula’s creator sets us apart in the marketplace and offers real value to our users. Meanwhile, we continue to invest in technical training for our dealers, sales representatives, and agents since many of them represent a broad assortment of printing supplies, not just pressroom chemicals.

Our company slogan, “You Know Us,” was chosen to remind the printing community that although our company name is new, we’ve been in the industry for years.  We have invested heavily in our website so that our customers can not only find product and technical literature but also interact directly with our technical staff.  But, nothing beats long-term brand awareness like word of mouth. We know that printers talk to each other and are fortunate to have experienced the benefits from early adopters in a geographic area who tell others about us.

Digital printing will continue to grow at the expense of sheetfed during the next five years, but as long as toner costs more, longer runs will always belong to traditional technologies.  Technology often overlooked, but that will continue to influence our business, is the continual improvement of offset printing presses.  While there is still a need for a professional to operate the press, equipment manufacturers have taken much of the guesswork out of routine printing.

Newer presses require chemical manufacturers to formulate fountain solutions that operate effectively at higher press speeds.  This, combined with economic pressures faced by all printers, has led to many to rely more and more on the expertise of suppliers.

Ronald J. Rose